Sunday, March 25, 2018: 12:30-2:00 pm

The Childhood Ministries Team is providing an opportunity for first through fifth graders to show appreciation to a special teacher: public school teacher, Christian school teacher, homeschool teacher, gym teacher, coach, bus driver, scout leader – any person who is special to your child and has made a positive impact on their life.

Our focus for this event is to minister to those outside of our church and we would encourage you to emphasize this to your child. The teacher may be a current or previous teacher.  Discuss this event with your child and ask who they would like to show appreciation to and why. Put the event and preparation dates on your calendar and then return the bottom of this page to your child’s Sunday School teacher no later than February 18. If you would prefer, you may respond by email to the email address below or by using the online registration on the church website. Your child may verbally invite their teacher, but formal invitations will be mailed to the teachers on February 24.

Each child may invite one teacher to the luncheon.  Our theme is a “Black Tie Affair” and we will be asking the kids to wear black and white, if possible. They will sit with the teacher, give them a gift, and help serve the food. Preparation for this event will include a practice at 6 pm on March 21.  This has the potential to be a very special event for each teacher invited.  It also has the potential for your child to learn: to share Jesus with their teacher, to minister and serve others, to learn to show gratitude, to develop manners, and to realize “it’s not about me.”   If you have any questions, you may contact Linda Coulter at