Sunday, March 8, 2015 Morning Worship
Dr. Deron S. Cobb
Series: Isaiah Unveils the Splendor of Salvation
#2-“Isaiah Unveils the Servant’s Mission”
Text: Isaiah 52:13-15


I. Jesus Assignment was Astonishing (52:13a)
1. As Priest, His is one who offers sacrifice on behalf of other and/or himself.
2. As Prophet, He is one who teaches others the way they should live, so as to avoid evil and embrace the good.
3. As King, He is a shepherd/ruler, one who governs and uses his authority so that others may be brought to the fullness of their potential.
II. Jesus’ Ascension was Astonishing (52:13b)
1. Jesus’ Ascension Results in Glorification.
2. Jesus’ Ascension Results in Coronation
3. Jesus’ Ascension Results in the Comforter Coming.
4. Jesus’ Ascending Begins His Ministry as our High Priest.
III. Jesus’ Appearance was Astonishing (52:14)
IV. Jesus’ Accomplishment was Astonishing (52:15)
“The Word of God became flesh. The Son of God became Man.
The Lord of All became a servant. The Righteous One was
made sin. The Eternal One tested death. The Risen One now
lives in men! The Ascended One is Coming Again!”