Sunday, March 22, 2015 Morning Worship
Dr. Deron Cobb
Series: Isaiah Unveils the Splendor of Salvation
#4 – “Isaiah Unveils Jesus’ Suffering”
Text: Isaiah 53:4-6 


I. The Reality of Christ’s Sufferings (53:4)

  • Jesus bore the burden of our sickness (vs. 4a)
  • Jesus bore the bruising of our sufferings (vs. 4b)
II. The Reason for His Sufferings (53:5)
  • Our Sin, causes an indebtedness that must be properly paid.
  • Our Sin, is an iniquity that must be properly punished.
  • Our Sin, deserves an injury that must be properly prescribed.
III. The Result of His Sufferings (53:5c)
  • He suffered pain that we might have healing
  • He suffered violence that we might have peace.
  • He suffered the ripping of flesh that we might be whole in our flesh.
  • He suffered excruciating sadness that we might have joy.
IV. The Recognition of our Sin
  • Our believing/thinking was corrupt
  • Our behavior was corrupt
  • Our well-being was corrupt
“Jesus lost all His glory so that we could be clothed in it. He was shut out so we could get access. He was bound, nailed, so that we could be free. He was cast out so we could approach. And Jesus took away the only kind of suffering that can really destroy you; that is being cast away from God.”
–Tim Keller