Date: Sun. 11/15/15 Sunday Morning
Speaker: Dr. Deron S. Cobb
Series: Imagine a World without Christianity
Message:#9—”Christianity’s Impact on Health Care”
Text:Exodus 15:26; Psalms 41:3-4, 103:2-5, 147:3, Jeremiah 8:22, 33:6;Matthew 4:23, 5:29; Acts 10:38; Revelation 21:4.


“Adonai Roph ‘ekha’ the Lord who heals” came as Christ the Messiah, a physician to cure the many diseases sin brought upon His people. By His words, His wounds, and His shed blood for the remission of sin. All who look to Him will be made whole in body, soul, and spirit…if not in this life for sure in the life to come.”
— Deron Cobb