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RHBC 351: What Jesus Gives To Discipleship


Date: Sunday, 8/27/17 Morning Worship Speaker: Dr. Deron Cobb Series The DNA of Discipleship Sermon: #4 – “What Jesus Gave to Discipleship” Text: John 17:1-26 “Jesus gave the disciples everything they would ever need. He gave them His life, His love, the keys to His kingdom and His mission.” –Dr. Deron Cobb

RHBC 347: Protect Your Hope With Diligence


Jesus is coming! We do not know the day or the hour, but His coming is to motivate us to live godly lives, to grow spiritually, and guard the message of the gospel as the only hope of humanity! To Him be Glory, Honor, and Praise forever and ever and ever! Amen!

—Dr. Deron Cobb

RHBC 344: The Presence of False Teachers


False doctrine confuses truth and error, prevents godliness, promotes sin, elevates ungodly leadership, permits false teachers, removes God’s blessing, debilitates the church for times of difficulty, and weakens her for the future.

Sound doctrine distinguishes truth from error, promotes godliness, prevents sin, qualifies godly leadership, protects against false teachers, ensures God’s blessing, equips the church for times of difficulty, and strengthens her for the future.

—Tim Challies