Changeless Truths For Changing Times

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RHBC 230: Peace In The Midst of Suffering


Peter instructs believers in every age that pain, persecution, or pressure, which results in heartache, tears, and turmoil become a doxology of praise when we see how suffering is the storm cloud that precedes the rainbow on the canvas of God’s amazing grace-filled story!”

— D. Cobb

RHBC 226: A Christian Outlook On Suffering


Sunday 4/10/2016 – Morning Worship Dr. Deron Cobb Series: Changeless Truths for Changing Times #14 -“A Christian Outlook on Suffering” Text:1 Peter 4:12-19 The staying power of our faith is neither demonstrated nor developed until it is tested by suffering.” — D. A. Carson

RHBC 222: Christ In The Passover


“As we live in a culture that becomes increasingly intolerant of biblical Christianity’s exclusive claims and values, we must arm ourselves against the world’s opposition.”

—D. Cobb

RHBC 217: Godly Conduct In An Ungodly World


“The Christian is the one who is countercultural because he or she is out of step with trends and passions in culture. It is not this way because we are trying to be odd; we are odd because we are trying to be godly.”

— Scott McKnight